Thierry Espresso Blend

Blended by Maestro Di Caffe Vincent Gentile, Casa del Caffe

Our coffee is the result of extensive research, blendings and tastings – to arrive at our very own signature blend.

Designed exclusively for the Top Table Group by Vincent Gentile of Casa del Caffe, the Thierry Espresso Blend is an all-Organic, Fair Trade Blend using only the finest Arabica Beans. Each bean type—Brazilian Santos, Colombian Supremo, Guatemalan Antigua, Mexican Pluma and Tanzanian AA—is roasted individually, then weighed and blended to an exact standard.

The European Dry Roast Method is used to ensure quality, freshness and a signature taste profile: Strong and smooth with a hint of chocolate, cinnamon and spice – and simply a real pleasure to drink.

Thierry Espresso Blend is also available to enjoy in our café.