Liquid Chocolate

With a rich cultural history dating back to the Mayans some 2,000 years ago and now synonymous with Parisian salons de thé, our line of liquid chocolate has been designed to warm the soul. A Thierry signature blend of velvety dark chocolate may be enjoyed on its own or complemented with caramel, hazelnut or even Basque chilli for an added kick.

liquid chocolate

  • house blend
    4oz 4.25  8oz 7.45
  • with caramel
    4oz 4.45  8oz 7.95
  • with hazelnut
    4oz 4.95  8oz 8.75
  • basque chili
    4oz 5.45  8oz 9.95
  • kayambe  72%
    4oz 5.25  8oz 9.45