For catering inquiries, please call 604 608 6870 or email us at [email protected]. A minimum order of 24 pieces per item is required, please provide 72 hours notice for ordering.

In addition to the items listed below, all full size items from our regular menu are also available.


mini cakes

  • chocolate éclair
  • passion fruit cake
  • savarin
  • chocolate succe
  • tiramisu cake

mini savoury

  • croissant au jambon
  • pizzette
  • mini quiche
  • walnut brioche toasts with blue cheese
  • avacado and mozzeralla sandwich
  • grilled chicken club
  • salumi sandwich
  • tuna nicoise sandwich

mini tarts

  • berry fruit tart (seasonal only)
  • apple fruit tart

mini viennoise

  • croissant
  • pain au chocolat
  • croissant au jambon