Pistachio Nougat

pistachio nougat

a slightly softer version of classic nougat, laced with pistachios and almonds
12.95 / box

Orange Peel_0868

chocolate dipped orange peel

aromatic candied orange peel draped in 70% dark chocolate
17.95 / 100g

tahitian vanilla

tahitian vanilla caramel

classic creamy caramel infused with vanilla from fresh Tahitian beans
13.45 / tube

Black Currant Jam_0957

black currant jam

black currant + sugar + lemon juice + pectin
8.95 / jar

Passionfruit Jam_0946

Passionfruit Jam

passionfruit + sugar + lemon juice + pectin
8.95 / jar


Blackberry Jam

blackberry + sugar + lemon juice + pectin
8.95 / jar

Raspberry Jam_0950

Raspberry Jam

raspberry + sugar + lemon juice + pectin
8.95 / jar

earl grey caramels

earl grey caramel

classic chewy caramel infused with aromatic black tea
12.95 / tube

Almond Dragees_0903

dragées almonds

sugar coated almonds
made in Paris
19.75 / tube

slated butter caramel

salted butter caramel

luxurious buttery caramel infused with Maldon crystal salt
12.95 / tube